Appeals are EXTREMELY technical. If you are thinking about filing an Appeal or a Supreme Court Motion, speak with me about it first.

I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of your case. I will also explain how an Appeal can help you without waiting for the Appellate Division to make a decision.

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I am a very disciplined and detail-oriented Appellate Lawyer. I can help make your arguments into the most persuasive legal presentations available because I know what the Courts want to see and I know how to attack the other side.

If you’re going to file an Appeal, you need a lawyer who will leave no stone unturned and will examine each document and article of evidence. You need an attorney who can identify when the Judge in the lower Court has made a mistake.

I put very long hours into each Appeal to make sure the Appellate Brief is as powerful as possible. Let me work for you!

I’m a licensed Attorney in the State of New Jersey. I have been licensed since 2010. Let me help you!

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