Financial Crimes

We have experience defending clients who are accused of committing financial crimes. If you have been implicated in a financial crime, you need a white-collar criminal defense attorney to defend you. We have participated in cases involving Tax Evasion, Civil RICO, Embezzlement, Conspiracy, Money Laundering, Drug Trafficking, Grand Larceny, Identity Theft, and Counterfeit Credit Card Enterprise, Wire Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Bank Fraud, and Securities Fraud.

If you’ve been charged by the Attorney General or the US Attorney, you need help. If you’ve been charged with other Co-Defendants, you need to ACT FAST! They are likely going to hire a private lawyer and testify against you unless you hire a private attorney first. I CAN HELP YOU!

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In order to succeed, YOU NEED PERSONAL ATTENTION! Whether it’s Conspiracy, Receiving Stolen Property or ANY TYPE OF FRAUD, I will give you the time you need, so we have the BEST POSSIBLE chance to get an EXCELLENT RESULT.

It is usually a terrible idea to rely on the Public Defender. You need someone who is going to spend an enormous amount of time trying to find evidence to save you. In most cases, they don’t have that type of time.
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I have been a licensed Attorney since 2010. Let me help you!

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