Wrongful Death

Did a loved one or family member lose his or her life because of someone else’s bad actions?

Do you have a loved one or a friend who should not have been killed?

If they deserve to be alive right now, I will fight for you…you PAY NOTHING unless we Win or Settle.

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Let us Help!

At Injury & Accident Law, LLC, your case will be protected by a VERY Aggressive Trial lawyer available to sue for you and your loved one. Licensed Attorney in the State of New Jersey since 2010.

Our firm focuses on Wrongful Death, which is frequently brought as a Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice case. We will do everything we can to make sure your case goes to Trial (or settles before then).

Too many law firms try to get fast money for themselves, without trying to protect the Client. We’re here to protect you! If you want to go to Trial, we will not try to encourage you to accept a Settlement. If you want a Settlement, we will not try to encourage you to go to Trial. We work for you!

Expect an excellent experience. I fight to win and am always PREPARED.

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